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Aurum Solutions

Aurum Solutions
Client: Aurum Solutions
Solutions: Website
Area: Serviços

In modern and irreverent lines...

... we completed the challenge proposed by Aurum Solutions: rebranding the brand and redesigning the website. The software company has automated methods that adjust variables that composes the databases. Aurum performs data management in order to avoid discrepancies of information.


One of the priorities in this project was to simplify.

Aurum operates in very specific business areas that need to be clearly explained. For this, it was necessary to implement a website that presents the solutions and shows how they are applied in various industries. We created specific areas for case studies and learning resources in order to increase the time that visitors spend on the website and to boost more requests for information.


"The new website was part of a rebranding plan, carried out in partnership with the various companies of the Marques Associados Group, with the objective of repositioning the Aurum brand and products in the global financial software market. We are highly satisfied with the practical results of the website, which resulted in an increase in the numbers and quality of leads generated from the website".

Nick Osborn, Co-CEO of Aurum Solutions

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