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Website, Ecommerce

Quinta do Gradil

Quinta do Gradil
Client: Quinta do Gradil
Solutions: Website, Ecommerce
Area: Turismo

Quinta do Gradil's experience transported to the digital...

The year 2020 was a year of change, and Quinta do Gradil was not indifferent.

The brand gave in to the transformation of current times, trusting in our work to expose its products to the digital. The big challenge for our team was to transport the experience lived at Quinta do Gradil to digital, where customers could be received and experience it, even not being physically present.


Much more than wine...

We invested in an educational website, allowing customers to learn about the history of the farm and what is behind each wine. We achieved the brand's goals in the way we show the customer everything that involves Quinta do Gradil, which is undoubtedly much more than just wine. This website besides having an informative nature, an online store was developed to provide the final customer with an intuitive and above all informed shopping experience.