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Santos & Seixo

Santos & Seixo
Client: Santos & Seixo
Solutions: Website
Area: Indústria

"Fruit of the love of wine"

The Santos & Seixo website came up with the main need and intention of a global promotion and promotion not only of the brands of Santos da Casa and Rotas de Portugal wines, but also of the genesis and history of the brand. With an image that goes according to the DNA of the brand and which reflects the intrinsic love for each of the products, the M & A Digital team is born an appealing, differentiating website that is in accordance with the positioning of the brand in the market.

With a vast and complete catalog of products, the website includes a link to the brand's facebook page, thus keeping the visitor updated on the news through an automatic update link. With responsive navigation, it also allows the autonomous management of content through the X4Pro backoffice.

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